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I am not a Unicorn!

Come and get lost down the rabbit hole with Emma J Hawkins, where Alice is probably drunk playing cards with Goldilocks and the three bears. Come meet some of the locals, John the train driver (an average bloke), the grand dame and the rare horned beast.   A ridiculous tale about trolls destroying the world, eating bananas and finding love in the local IGA over the freezer counter. Laugh, cry and everything in between with this giant of a performer, with her bag of tricks bigger than herself!

5 minute preview video

Warning this show contains a short-statured person defying stereo-types, swearing, wielding knives and chopping onions.

Directed by Maude Davey, Dramaturgy by Ingrid Voorendt, Designed by Gaelle Mellis, with writing contributions by Melissa Reeves and Matthew Whittet.

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“Equal parts hilarious, terrifying and arousing”

(Karen Pickering, Cherchez la Femme, I am not a Unicorn)

“Emma J Hawkins steals the show…like a cartoon character brought to life”

(The Advertiser – Big Bad Wolf, Windmill Theatre)


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