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 Internet dating … been tempted?

6ft mocha-drinking gamer finds 3ft chocolate-loving feisty redhead.

Ever wish relationships came with a manual?

This one sizzles with electric energy and breathtaking passion.

 Just like a good coffee! A blend of the best ingredients:

  • a love story •dynamic physicality •evocative soundscape• a dash of video artistry.• all mixed up with a good dollop of humour.

2 people, consumed by their searches, addicted to new age form of connection, the internet. She is looking for love online, desperate to find the perfect mate. He is a computer gamer, a slave to the next fix, the next rush.   They meet online, then the meeting in the flesh. The twists and turns they take in finding themselves and each other in this relationship.

 This award winning production has toured nationally and internationally. Created and performed by Emma J. Hawkins and Keith Lim, an unlikely duo; Hawkins stands at 105 centimetres. Lim, at 196 cm, is almost twice her height.

 BEST MOVEMENT / DANCE PIECE (Melbourne Fringe 2007)                                     BEST OF FRINGE (Brisbane 2006)

“Nothing short of stunning”  (Edinburgh Fringe Festival)

 “A rare moment of perfection in theatre” Jill Sykes (Sydney Morning Herald)

“A piece of strikingly original movement theatre.” (Australian Stage Online)


  • In the Raw – Darlinghurst Theatre – 2005
  • Brisbane Fringe 2006
  • Melbourne Fringe 2007
  • Parramatta Riverside 2008
  • Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2008

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