Photo by John McKay
Photo by John McKay


From Artistic Director

Emma J Hawkins

About Us

Atypical Theatre Company creates contemporary theatre and performance that includes a repertoire of traditional plays and newly devised works. We encourage an accessible arts practice, by integrating artists with and without a disability.


Atypical Theatre Company was originally formed by Emma J Hawkins and Kiruna Stamell, two short statured performers.  They met whilst working on different projects for Sydney Theatre Company. After receiving compliments on behalf of the each other, they decided it was time to meet. Instead of seeing the other as competition for the scarce number of roles available to short-statured people they formed a partnership and the Atypical Theatre Company was born.
Atypical Theatre Company aims to achieve fair representation of disability, within the arts. The Company presents disability in a realistic way, avoiding sensationalism and subverting typical stereotypes, perpetuated by the popular media. Atypical Theatre Company is aware of the need within our community to promote positive attitudes to difference.

Kiruna has since moved to the United Kingdom where she is furthering her career and hoping to open an overseas branch of Atypical Theatre Company

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